Content Creation Packages

Content Creation Packages

Today, we have a constantly evolving marketing landscape. Getting your product in front of the right customer is more difficult than ever before. When it comes to your Internet presence, what used to drive web rankings has changed and morphed over the years. 

Shifts in technology happen daily and what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. But one thing we know to be true – yesterday, today & tomorrow, website rankings will be fueled primarily by content. This content must be original and it must be meaningful. This means that it:

  • Engages the reader
  • Hold their interest
    Shows a knowledge and authority of the product or service
  • Build customer trust
  • Offers opportunities for authoritative back links
    Must be optimized for the reader and search engines

What we offer:

Defining goals – What does success look like for you? We help you define your goals and create an effective strategy around them. It’s this strategic approach that allows us to remain one of the best SEO services in the business today.
Experienced and professional writing and editing. Have you ever gone to a website and thought “Who wrote this?” In today’s landscape, everyone is publishing and there is well-written content and amateurish content. Which one do you want representing your company? Our in-house writers and editors not only speak English as their primary language but they savvy content writing geared specifically to your needs. This content is edited for errors in accordance with industry standards.
Optional Expert distribution– our website developers can help expertly insert this content on your site in order to enhance its impact.
Content maintenance -our team creates and maintains ongoing and continual defined content that supports your brand and your goals in order to get your most updated products in front of the right customer. This content is set to recur per your package details.

prıce $5.50 per 100 words