6 Important SEO Strategies You Need to Know For 2020

Your client’s SERP rankings are their lifeblood. Keeping their site in front of their customers is more important than ever as we see a further shift away from traditional advertising. And yet, if they haven’t been focused on consistent SEO, they’re basically just crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.


As you know, making sure that your client’s website is continually optimized is not just a set-it-and-forget-it proposition. With Google changing algorithms multiple times a year, the last thing your client should rely on are old SEO strategies for a new set of updates, yet that’s exactly what many business owners do unwittingly.


Get the Content Right


It’s not always possible to keep up with algorithms. Fortunately, there are important things to optimize for that are tried and true Google. Driving rankings in organic searches is still very much about keywords, links and content.


As always, keywords and links have been important and continue to be. But in the last few years, content has become far more important than some of the best-researched keyword and link building approaches.


The ultimate goal for your client is to understand exactly what their customer wants and then provide the best content possible for that subject or product. That includes authoritative website content as well as fresh, consistent and unique blog content. New, well-researched and expertly-written content drives Google more than anything else right now.


What’s E-A-T?


E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Your client’s keywords and links are important, but what drives their PQ rating is their E-A-T. Google wants real experts who provide the best user experience to get the most exposure. So how do you boost this for your client?


One way is to make sure that all content is unique and authoritative with references and external links to sources. This kind of expert content will then become important for others to link back to. The more in-depth and authoritative the content, the more trustworthy the site.


They Will NEED Video Exposure


Not sure about this? Right now, 55% of all Google searches contain at least one video. Consider that according to Cisco, 82 percent of IP traffic will be video driven by 2021. If video is not a part of your client’s SEO strategies, you are missing the mark for them. In order to use video successfully, there are some important considerations:


  • It should be organized into sections by content
  • The title, description and tags are optimized
  • A transcript should be provided. Even though YouTube offers one automatically, it’s not foolproof. One should be uploaded independently. And then parts of that transcript should be used in other areas of the content, such as blog posts.


And while we’re talking about video, you’ll want to grow your client’s YouTube channel. With YouTube being the second largest search engine today, an optimized YouTube channel will enable your client to own more valuable web real estate without much more work.


Optimize For Mobile Devices


Although mobile searches have been around for awhile, optimizing for it is still taking a backseat. But mobile searches now dominate traffic with 63% of US organic search traffic done on a mobile device. Why, then, should desktop optimization be done at the exclusion of mobile? If anything, mobile optimization should be a huge priority.


Optimize For Voice Search


Voice search relies on NLP (Natural Language Processing). This ever-evolving intelligence powers voice search engines by recognizing a user’s voice texture, interests and behavior and becomes more adept with each query. How do most people do a voice search?  Most often, it’s in the form of a question. And Google’s voice algorithm will pick up the site with both the question and the answer.


Human Intent


With the BERT algorithm, Google is trying to further their understanding of user intent when it comes to content and topics.


As Google continues to get “smarter”, your client’s SEO needs to become more focused on human intent and user experience. This involves adding modifiers to core keywords to clarify the intention of the user. These can be purely informational but are most often transactional and concern things like the price, brand and location of specific products or services. These kind of queries are most likely to convert so it’s important to optimize for user intent in a strong SEO campaign.


A Fluid Process


Today’s SEO is never static. It’s a fluid endeavor consisting of many important parts working in harmony.


  • Website optimization
  • Content creation
  • Blog content
  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Sitemap optimization
  • Web design
  • Social management
  • Reputation management
  • Forward-thinking strategies
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Rankings
  • Video creation


At SEO Service Agents, we make you look good. As one of the largest white label SEO providers in the world, we have the knowledge and expert implementation it takes to boost your client’s rankings and get them seen by their customers. With a finger on the pulse of constantly-changing SEO practices and a wide variety of services and packages, we make your job that much easier. With our team of experienced SEO experts, you get a partner in your success!

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