5 Important Ways to Make Your SEO Foundation Rock Solid


As an SEO marketer, you know there are hundreds of ways that you can spend your time trying to get higher rankings for your clients. That being said, getting the basics down first is a foundation you need to get right and then build on. From there, you can go on to more advanced strategies.


Make Your Keywords Count


Choosing the right keywords and phrases is one of the most integral steps in any successful SEO strategy. Old-school keyword utilization is not the same now that Google is looking at more human engagement and voice search optimization and NLP.


Choosing the right keywords starts with good solid research, understanding the customer, looking at the successful competition, and understanding the importance of long-tail key phrases. And because Google is now focusing more on user experience and intent, choosing the right modifiers for your keywords is just as important as the keywords themselves.


Don’t Stuff


Overusing your keywords is the kiss of death. Keyword stuffing means


  • Unnecessary and unnatural repetitions of words and phrases
  • Words that don’t fit their context
  • Words that are irrelevant to the topic of the page they’re inserted on


Too many keywords are bad for user experience and it’s bad for SEO. A clear message with a target keyword used in a natural way (with a 1 to 2 percent saturation) will send the right message without working counter to intention. Using secondary keywords, long-tail variations and answered questions makes current SEO keyword practices even more contextual and human-driven.


Never Use Duplicate Content


Research shows that up to 29 percent of the web is actually duplicate content.  But Google is clear about it’s avoidance of duplicate content and its reluctance to index multiple versions of the same content. Duplicate content will reduce organic traffic exponentially. Even if content is not word-for-word duplicate, if they are “appreciably similar”, it will be considered duplicate content.


Adding New and Relevant Content


Adding new and relevant content with a clear purpose is important, additionally linking to older pages internally to establish more authority. It’s important to externally link to support data from authoritative and trustworthy websites as well. Link building is one of the most important basics in SEO and will continue to be so.


Pay Attention to Page Speed


Page loading speed is one of the main factors that Google uses in ranking. As things continue to change in Google algorithms, particularly in mobile device searches and NLP, it’s more important than ever to consider page speed. Pages with longer load times have higher bounce rates and lower conversion.


Even though Google does multiple updates and algorithm changes every year, getting SEO tried and true basics right is foundational before attempting to optimize to algorithms. A good foundation is important to any SEO strategy today. Once the foundation is in place, you can then look to more advanced strategies. We can help with that. Let our team help get your SEO foundation solid.

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