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I signed up a client for the $349 package and the results have been remarkable. In less than a month he’s in the A slot for each of 5 competitive keyphrases he requested. The client is ecstatic. Thanks Seo Service Agents. Good work!

- Bob Sydsho

Online Marketer

If you want to get your clients sites ranked higher in Google+ Local (formerly Google Places), and you want to work with professionals who do what they promise, and make your clients think you are some kind of SEO mystic, then get in touch with these guys.

Send them the info on your client, then buy the package they tell you to. My first two clients went to the “A” spot within 60 days , and have stayed there for the past 5 months. I have three more packages in queue, and have zero reason to doubt that I’m not going to be a hero again.

Be sure to charge handsomely for this service, your clients will become believers very quickly, and they will not want to loose those top spots once they see how it makes their phone ring.

Amazing service, huge time saver, and awesome results.

- Bill Enross

Internet Marketing Services

Signed a client up for Seo Service Agents Top 3 Gplaces package in a tough LA market. Tony and his team have been quick to respond to questions, concerns, issues, and as far as results we are now in Top 3 for one of the massively competitive keywords and on page 1 for several others. Client has been getting more phone calls/pageviews/actions on Gplaces and is quite happy. Thanks Tony!

- Malkas Gambit

Online Entrepeneur

Great Service SEO service agents came trough on everything that they Promised and it has brought me alot of new business.Will be doing business with them in the Future.

- Airtech

I’ll make this real simple for you if it wasn’t for SEO Service agents I wouldn’t be in business.

Its because of their team that I’ve increased my business 10x over the last 5 months alone. GP and Organic SEO.

Don’t think just do it.

- Slava

CEO STblue

Seo Service Agents has been working on one of my clients site for a few months now and has done a great job. He managed to get my client, an attorney, on the first page. I would recommend Seo Service Agents to anyone that is looking to get ranked on Google Places! Thanks Tony!!

- Mike Tucker


I can highly recommend this service. Anthony is a fantastic person to deal with! He got me to position A for my site! Thanks Anthony!

- Michael Kukulka


Anthony Flat out Rocks. I hired him for a project I did for a client. Result = #1 Ranking! Nothing more I have to say because all I care about is results.

- Alan Shill

We outsource all our SEO Services and GMB optimization to these guys and they get results for our clients which makes us look good!They are very responsive and supportive with our many questions.A prfessional ecpert outfit who really what they are doing and are a pleasure to work with.

- Mark Williams

Autralia SEO

I have been using SEO Service Agents for over two months now and I have never come across a more responsive, on the ball and reasonably priced specialist SEO service during my past three years in this business.
Anthony and Raymi are a credit to SSA, they go out of their way to implement 1st class solutions to help my client’s sites to the top of Google, while being totally transparent thru regular online reports.
Needless to say that I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone who is in need of professional up to date SEO services.

-Marcel Bloemen

Let me start off by saying I couldn’t be any more happy with the job these guys are doing. Earlier this year I noticed that Google was localizing our VERY competitive weight loss keyword. With all the changes going on (panda, etc.) Google dropped most of the organic listings down the page & placed Google Places listings (or blended results) right at the top.

Organically, we had front page placement for your URL but we were way at the bottom.

I figured we had to make a more aggressive push on Google Places. We already had a GP listing but we were showing up on the 4th page. Yikes!

I gave the account to these guys and they sky-rocketed my weak GP listing to the A spot of a competitive weight loss keyword. It took around 3-4 months to get the A spot. We were on Top 3 spot by the 2nd month.

Moreover, we replaced our biggest competitor and took over the top listing!

They are my go-to for all clients.

Hats off to Anthony, Raymi and the rest of the team.

- Terry Dorland


Another happy customer, ordered package #1 a few weeks ago, and my places page (3 months old) has jumped to the 4th spot. Definitely worth the money spent.


These guys/gals do great work! My client had a GP listing that had numerous issues. They spent a LOT of time helping me recover this listing – and now it’s ranking for a number of competitive keywords!

I’m very happy–they are top notch!!


Great SEO company used them for several projects and has really benefit mu online business.Great people to work with.

-Darrel King


This is by far the best SEO service I’ve come across online in 4 years.Their customer service is unmatched. EXCELLENT email and chat support 7 days a week.

They’ve developed their own custom CRM so you can log in, check the progress of your projects, submit tickets, and more. It really keeps you on track every step of the way.

And most importantly – the quality of their work is excellent as well. They really know how to get websites and local listings ranked!

-Paul Wright

Online Marketer

I’ve used these guys for the past 6 months and they have always been great to me. Quick email replies. Always on skype. Willing to answer questions. The best customer service you’re going to find trust me.

Not only that but their prices are very reasonable, and the most important part, what they do WORKS! If you own a local business, or have local business clients, spend your marketing with these guys. You can’t go wrong.

Thanks again everyone at SEO service agents! keep up the great work.

-Adam Maxum

Hey Everyone,

I have used these guys since May 30, 2013 .. bought a 50 keyword package in a niche that was around $50 CPC … and these guys kicked -ss!

ranking number 1 for most of my main money-making kws, on the first page for 90 percent of them

this is a touch local niche in a large city, and my clients are really happy …

Anthony and his team are the best around. I’ve used a lot of different guys and i think these dudes are my secret weapon, i can’t believe everyone doesn’t use them. Best price around and best results

And their support is really good. Either Anthony or Daniel are on Skype pretty much 24/7 it seems

For real though, these guys are the ones to use for local keyword rankings for any niche. I haven’t used them for national or global keywords but they have shown me results for those as well .. and i plan on using them for a global campaign pretty soon here

talk later guys,



I have used Anthony a few times over the past couple of years for citations. Always had phenemonal results. I hope to use his services again in the very near future. Thanks for all you do Anthony!


The guys are brilliant! Why do I say that?

Because I’ve been with them for a number of months now, bringing a couple of client across and the results could not be better! Consistently smashing the competition across completely different niches and for a variety of keywords.

And the best part, you not only get your own dashboard to log into and see what work is being done, they will provide you with a link to easily check the rankings as often as you like. The are completely transparent and really look after their customers!

Not to mention, the response to emails or via Skype is either instant or within a few short hours!

I could not recommend SEO Service Agents highly enough!

-Vlad Shelest

Marketing to People

It has been 2 years since I first hired SEO Service Agents to work on one of my clients local listing. This was for a lawyer niche that is extremely competitive. After setting up the page and working on it for a few month, the listing was in the 1 – 2 spot for all the major keywords. It was even outranking the court!

Anyways I just looked at the ranking for the client and was very surprised to see that the listing is still in the 2 – 4 spot. This is 2 years later with no work done on it. Thats incredible!

Thanks for making me look great by doing reliable work.


The response rate is fast. The product they deliver is excellent. I’ve been looking for a quality outsource solution for quite some time. I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to find people that actually deliver good work that I can resell to my clients and give them the results they’re looking for. I’m very happy so far I have run for projects are these guys at the time of writing this. I have started to recommend them to my friends and colleagues and I felt compelled to write a review here. Great white label solution.

-Matty Miller

I’ve tried many different SEO companies. Most of them promise to deliver, but never do. SSA has been outstanding. They got amazing results way before we projected.Looking forward to continued success. Would recommend them to anyone looking to expand their client base.

-Peter Kavkazi