How to Continue Working With Your SEO Clients During a Pandemic


Today we are facing lockdowns at the least, closures of whole businesses and massive unemployment at its worst. The reports today were over 16 million unemployed in the United States alone. In the middle of an economic boom that was one of the greatest in history, all it took was one little microscopic virus. If that doesn’t make you appreciate our fragility, not much will.

We are all in a vulnerable position. You are. We are. Your clients are. What can we do during this time to feel like we have some control over this destiny of ours when it seems very little is within that control?

Financially Vulnerable Times


Many of our peers are facing financially unprecedented times. You, yourself, may be one of them. But we need to persist because we know that, as they say, this, too, shall pass. What will your business look like at the end of the tunnel? This is something we can focus on to minimize the damage of the moment and give us a goal.

Reaching Out


A good client is a partner in your success and theirs. The pain is mutual during times like this. When you offer to suffer right along with them, they appreciate it and will remember it when times get good again.

If you haven’t yet, you want to reach out to your clients. If you can, offer options for them and strategies they can use to scale back and yet remain viable. Do your homework and offer real solutions that everyone can live with.

The bottom line is a break in their SEO momentum will cost them in terms of rankings long-term. Offering assistance to your clients that keeps them on track will help keep them afloat SEO-wise. Your good clients will be grateful.

Getting Rid of Waste or Ineffective Marketing Short-Term


Do an audit of their marketing efforts and help them scale back where it won’t benefit them short-term and will save them money right now. Getting rid of waste that doesn’t affect their long-term SEO strategies will be important at a time when every dollar counts.

You may be quarantined right now which affords you some time. Helping your clients find what they can cut and helping them get it done is a good way for you to stay busy, stay connected and maintain open communication with them. Trust us. They will remember this assistance.

We know that some businesses will not survive this time and there are not many SEO strategies that can help them. For those who can’t survive the short-term, their long-term SEO is simply not one they can concentrate on right now. But the ones that will be there when this thing is over will be glad for your help.

SEO Strategies to Focus On For Now


We know that SEO is all about the future. And that allows us to be optimistic at a time when optimism is at an all-time low. But what can you do about mitigating the bleeding right now?

Monitor trends in keywords to use for upcoming content and blog post ideas for your clients.

Take time to do your research. Case in point is how people will be looking for information in the future and how Google is adjusting algorithms. Consider how strategies can be implemented to address them, i.e. long-tail keyword approaches and question and answer sections.

Advise your clients on how they can be good community stewards if they are still open. People have time on their hands right now. Social media can help offer a sense of community when people need it most. Help your clients get the most out of their social media but scale back on the paid advertising that will make little sense right now.

An economic downturn will weed out competition. Your clients can use this time to plan for the future and how they can set themselves apart when things get back to normal. As they see their competitors falling by the side of the road or shutting down their marketing, fear may be setting in. Conversely, their goal should be to double down for the future.

This, Too, Shall Pass


And when it does, people will be ready to get out and get life back to normal. People will be ready to go out to eat, get a haircut, go to work out again. In other words, your clients can take this time to be prepared for when that time comes.

Right now, organic traffic has dropped substantially for most industries unless they are essential or COVID-19 related. But this lull, if used properly, can position your clients for good organic rankings for that inevitable future when business gets back online. This is particularly important for those that will need to make up for losses.

The Bottom Line


The other side of this is what we need to focus on. You and your clients can take the next few months to strategize over the best way their marketing dollars can pay off and maintain momentum for when life goes back to normal.

In these unprecedented times, we are all partners in getting things going again. Serving those partnerships, serving the community, is how we get through this stronger and more resilient than ever. Stay safe!